Snap It!

As an owner-operator driver for Star Fleet, we know that you get to travel all across the U.S. and see some pretty amazing stuff. Capturing those moments is incredibly rewarding & with our monthly photo contest, you have the chance to be rewarded in cash! So what makes a good photo? Below you’ll find some tips on what makes a good picture overall & what the Star Fleet team is looking for in the pictures you submit & see some of our past winners that utilized these suggestions.

  • Take advantage of the scenery around you. It doesn’t have to be something rare, but using objects in the scenery surrounding you is a great way to draw attention to your main subject (your truck)!
  • Make sure your truck is in the picture. Of course we love to see you and a peek inside your home life, but we want to see what you see on the road (including the vehicle that got you there)!
  • Try another perspective. Sometimes shooting a picture with everything perfectly centered & head on, can eliminate some of that scenery you’re trying to include. Try going higher or lower or even at a different angle (sometimes the sky is a really neat background).
  • Take photos when the sun is lower in the sky. Whether that’s early in the morning or in the evening, this is called the “golden hour” when light is warmer & softer. This isn’t always true, but a good guideline.
  • Capture the season. What’s fun about this is that the seasons are different depending on where you are. Autumn in the Midwest isn’t the same as autumn in the south.

December - Laura Warner.jpgNovember - Brady.jpgMay - Steinmetz10.jpgJanuary_Martha Oscar Perez Canseco.jpg

Also as a reminder to enter the photo contest, post your picture to our Facebook page or email them to to be entered as a finalist. We will choose 5 finalists & post those where you like the one you want to see win. Good luck!

Driver of the Month – Debi Warner

As we all continue to hear about the truck driver shortage, one solution many industry professionals say can help is to recruit more women to the industry. As we at Star Fleet Trucking recruit more drivers in general, we welcome women here at Star Fleet and thus wanted to feature one of them as our driver of the month. For February, let us introduce you to Debi Warner!

Debi Jim Warner

Debi is based out of our Twin Falls, Idaho terminal and has been in the trucking industry for 3 years, all of them here at Star Fleet Trucking! In her time with us she says the funniest thing she’s seen on the road was in Ash Spring, NV where she saw a little burro in the back seat of a van with his head sticking out of the window. Check it out for yourself!


Prior to coming on board with us, she worked in the accounting department of a law office for 7 1/2 years. She’s been married for 20 years to Jim (pictured above) who also drives for Star Fleet. When she’s not hauling units, Debi enjoys camping, motorcycling (she and her husband are members of Harley’s Owners Group (HOG)), and indulging in her favorite foods, chocolate and strawberries!

We’re so glad to have Debi in our fleet – thanks for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!

Driver of the Month – Tom Abney

Each month we will have a driver of the month where we feature one of our owner-operator drivers. This month we’re featuring Tom Abney from Burr Oak, MI. Tom has been driving for our oversize division since 2011, but has been in the transportation industry on and off since 1988!

Tom’s favorite state is LA and/or AZ because it’s warm! When we asked him what’s the funniest things he’s seen on the road he said, “I’ve seen the Wiener Mobile & once while traveling down a hill a pickup hauling a large boar tried passing me & when he got to the bridge the force of the bump forced the boat off the trailer & drug behind him!”

We know our drivers have hobbies and interesting things about them outside of this job and Tom is no different; he enjoys hunting, fishing, & motorcycle riding and is also a combat veteran from Desert Storm. Thank you for your service, Tom!

If you’d like a chance at being our Driver of the Month, just ask your terminal for the driver bio template, fill it out, & return to them.

Take Your Best Shot: 2016 Edition

Happy New Year!

We hope that everyone was able to enjoy the holidays and spend some quality time with your loved ones. We are looking forward to a prosperous and safe 2016! Throughout the year, keep watching your e-mails and our social media for announcements of new exciting things that we have in store!

To begin, we are excited to announce a few changes to our photo contest for 2016. We recognize that not every driver has or wants a Facebook account, so have we developed a way for everyone to participate. You may now submit your photo on Facebook OR it can be e-mailed directly to us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a scenic photo of your truck and trailer at some point after you have hooked up to your next load. Or,
  • Take a photo of anything you encounter as you are on the road.  it could be weather-related, sunsets, nature, road hazards, etc.
  • Either post the photo to our Facebook page, or submit it to
  • Each month, at least one photo will be selected by Star Fleet management to win $1,000.  (We have eliminated the public voting)
  • You may submit more than one photo per month, and you may win more than once during the year!
  • Must be a driver currently leased-on with Star Fleet Trucking at time of selection to claim the prize.
  • Entries must come from your own Facebook account or from an e-mail address that we have on file for you. Please contact your dispatcher if you need to update your information.
  • There may be suggested themes throughout the year, but when a theme is not announced, the focus should be on the current season or holiday.

That’s it!  Winners will be selected based on the quality, scenery, and overall mood of the photo. If your photo knocks our socks off, it may even be featured in future Star Fleet advertising!*  Of course, always position your truck and trailer in a safe and legal manner, and then snap away!

The contest will run the entire year, with a Photo Of The Year announced in late December 2016. Winners will be notified prior to being announced in our newsletters and social media. Good luck!

*no photo will be used in promotional materials unless given permission by the owner of the photo.

Take Your Best Shot: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Star Fleet Drivers! It’s that time of year again – time for the holiday-themed Take Your Best Shot Contest!

You know the drill, everybody- when you and yours are enjoying the holiday season in whatever way you choose, pull out your phone and snap a picture. Upload the picture to our Facebook page (click here to go to contest page), and if your picture gets the most votes, you win $1000!

Given some of the submissions we received in the last contest, Star Fleet would like to reiterate some of the terms and conditions since, try as we might, some folks still aren’t as up to snuff on the contest rules as we’d like. In order to submit a valid entry to the contest, you:

  • MUST be a driver currently leased to Star Fleet. If you aren’t a driver, you will not qualify for the winnings (if you’d like to BE a driver, click here!)
  • MUST take the picture you submit. If we find that you’ve plagiarized the image, we will remove it from the contest.

Also, please try to stick to the contest theme with your submissions- you’ll have a better chance of getting votes, and if we determine the submitted image is inflammatory, inappropriate, or offensive, we will remove it from the contest.

Pretty simple, right? Okay, you know the rules, so keep those phones charged and make sure you don’t miss that $1000 shot!

As always, Star Fleet drivers, remember to take the proper precautions when on the road. Winter’s almost here, and anyone who drives long distances knows that even a mild one can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Stay safe, and happy holidays!

Take Your Best Shot: Fall 2015

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers!

It’s time for another edition of the Take Your Best Shot Photography Contest! Since it’s been a while, let’s take a minute to go over the guidelines of the contest:

  1. You upload a picture to our Facebook page (link below) that matches the current theme of the contest.
  2. Your picture is voted on until the contest has ended
  3. If your picture has the most votes, you win $1000!

It’s THAT easy! You just have to be a Star Fleet driver to make a submission. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Star Fleet family, click HERE to learn more about how to submit an application online!

For this edition of the contest, there is no theme! Submit pictures of any sort that you think deserve to win $1000! Pictures of vacations, interesting sights on the road, pets, or family members; whatever it is, we want to see it! Just make sure a) it’s YOUR picture (unauthentic pics will be removed) and b) it’s appropriate for the contest! See our terms and conditions HERE if you have any questions!

Go directly to the contest and apply by clicking HERE or check out our Facebook Page for more Star Fleet posts and announcements!

Good luck, Star Fleet drivers, and as always, safe travels!

Staff of Star Fleet: Tina Miller

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to another member of the Star Fleet family; a veteran in the drivers seat, the office chair, and the frozen North alike, Tina Miller!

Tina began her career in trucking as a pilot car driver for oversized loads; her husband, Al, has been transporting mobile homes as a member of Star Fleet since 1995. After nearly 7 years as a pilot car driver, a desk job in the Star Fleet office opened up, and Tina has been working in this capacity for a total of 7 years.

In 2012, a unique opportunity presented itself to Tina and Al. Star Fleet was considering opening a terminal in North Dakota, and Joel Pladson, Star Fleet’s President, offered Al the opportunity to run it. “Al came home and told me about their conversation,” Tina recalls. “[My first thought] was, ‘No way am I moving to North Dakota!’ I’m one of those people who doesn’t like winter or cold weather. Just not my thing.”

As it turns out, Tina’s resolve in the face of freezing gales and drifting snow would soon be put to the test anyway. “It wasn’t long before we were on our way to North Dakota,” Tina says, adding that the opportunity was too great to pass up. “We opened a terminal in Jamestown, ND and leased on some great drivers to transport mobile homes and modular units.” The terminal enjoyed a great deal of success before closing down in 2014. When asked if it was worth the cold, Tina immediately confirms it was an unforgettable experience. “The hospitality of the people in Jamestown was incredible; we have a lot of friends we met while living there,” she remembers. “From the motorcycle rides to Bingo, the whole experience was amazing. My favorite parts, though, were the sensational sunsets and the Northern Lights.” Tina also mentions the hobby she got “hooked” on when living in the north. “The fishing was new for me, but I loved it. I even purchased my own fishing rod!”

Tina and Al recently moved back to Indiana, and Tina is working in the Star Fleet recruiting office. “I really enjoy everything about this job: the people I work with, the people I talk to every day on the phone, and the drivers we lease on. I feel blessed to be a part of the Star Fleet team!”

Thank you for story, Tina!

Remember to keep your eyes on the Star Fleet blog for more announcements and entries in the Staff of Star Fleet series!