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Take Your Best Shot: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Star Fleet Drivers! It’s that time of year again – time for the holiday-themed Take Your Best Shot Contest!

You know the drill, everybody- when you and yours are enjoying the holiday season in whatever way you choose, pull out your phone and snap a picture. Upload the picture to our Facebook page (click here to go to contest page), and if your picture gets the most votes, you win $1000!

Given some of the submissions we received in the last contest, Star Fleet would like to reiterate some of the terms and conditions since, try as we might, some folks still aren’t as up to snuff on the contest rules as we’d like. In order to submit a valid entry to the contest, you:

  • MUST be a driver currently leased to Star Fleet. If you aren’t a driver, you will not qualify for the winnings (if you’d like to BE a driver, click here!)
  • MUST take the picture you submit. If we find that you’ve plagiarized the image, we will remove it from the contest.

Also, please try to stick to the contest theme with your submissions- you’ll have a better chance of getting votes, and if we determine the submitted image is inflammatory, inappropriate, or offensive, we will remove it from the contest.

Pretty simple, right? Okay, you know the rules, so keep those phones charged and make sure you don’t miss that $1000 shot!

As always, Star Fleet drivers, remember to take the proper precautions when on the road. Winter’s almost here, and anyone who drives long distances knows that even a mild one can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Stay safe, and happy holidays!