Featured Driver – Kim Blocher

As many of you have probably heard, there’s a shortage of truck drivers and many industry professionals say women are the fix. Well lucky for us we recently gained another female driver, but in our manufactured housing division, one that hasn’t seen a female driver for over 2 decades! We are thrilled to welcome Kim Blocher to the Star Fleet family!10407772_10204256307553225_3455951239946102196_n.jpg

Kim has only been with us for 6 months, but she’s been an escort driver for 20 years and has been around trucking her whole life. Her biggest inspiration, her dad, has been a truck driver hauling houses his whole career & her fiance, Adam, instilled in her that she could become a truck driver herself. Combining all of that, here we are today!

Kim calls Indiana home, but loves hauling to Florida because it’s always warm there. We agree – even in the winter when it’s 40 there, it’s a lot warmer than here! While out on the road, the funniest thing she saw was a guy on his cell phone driving on the wrong side of the road like he owned it all. Eeek! We’re glad you were able to avoid an accident with him!

So far Kim is loving everything about this career especially with all the respect she gets from other drivers knowing she’s stepped into an industry where women are few. She’s further respected and floors many other drivers because of her smaller size driving a large truck pulling a lot of weight. For any woman looking to make trucking a career here is her advice, “Women are just as strong as a man. They are mentally and emotionally stronger than men and can be anything they want to be, so why not follow your dreams and try it?”

We couldn’t agree more & we are so glad Kim chose to #DriveForStarFleet.


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