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Shootings In The Workplace

Workplace shootings. It can’t happen to you, right? Yet it happens more often that we’d like and it does happen to someone (or more likely multiple people). As a truck driver, you might think it’s less likely, but just because your workplace is on the road, doesn’t equate to fewer shootings. A few Star Fleet contractors have unfortunately witnessed this tragedy first hand. Specifically a few months ago when Michael Vance went on a shooting spree in Oklahoma and shot a motorhome driver while one of our contractors (Rudy) and his wife slept in their truck next to the motorhome.

“I got woken up by hearing a door shut at about 1:50 am. I heard people talking and then yelling and then a loud noise. I had to put things together, but eventually knew it was a gunshot & not a tire exploding (which can sound similar). A few seconds later a second shot goes off. Then I heard someone yell, ‘Help! Help! I’ve been shot in the leg!’ I got dressed and out of the truck & saw a car driving off. I was the first to get to the guy screaming and saw blood all over his leg. Then a woman came to help and she was a nurse and we made a tourniquet out of a belt he had on. The police got there and everything was roped off and we had to give statements and I gave an interview to a TV and radio station. The man survived and what I found out later was the car I saw driving off when I first got out of my truck, was actually the shooter.”

Michael then later killed another man who was the brother to another one of our contractors.

I’m not here to discuss the ‘why’ it happens, but rather what you can be on the lookout for and do if it ever happens to you. The response protocol according to the Department of Homeland security & the Bureau of Justice Administration is the acronym ALICE – alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.

Alert authorities by calling 911 once it is safe.
Lockdown the building as much as possible. This includes interior as well as exterior doors and windows.
Inform authorities of what is happening as it’s happening. This helps dispatchers relay the most up-to-date information. If possible, keep co-workers updated using your internal system.
Counter the attack by fighting back if the tools and circumstances allow.
Evacuate the premises if it is both possible & safe to do so.

Utilizing this protocol can help reduce or mitigate the number of victims, no matter where you are, if an active shooter situation does occur.


Featured Driver – Stephanie Keuneke

With a new month upon us, that means we have a new driver to feature for the month. Say hello to Stephanie Keuneke! Stephanie is in our motorized division driving motor homes to dealers all over the U.S. While she’s only been with Star Fleet since November 2016, she’s been in the transporting industry since 2011.


The funniest thing she’s seen on the road is a van parked at a Flying J that was completely covered in eagle statues and stickers. We’re not sure what to think….


Stephanie’s favorite state is Florida, not just because of the great weather, but because there are plenty of diverse activities on either coast. She also asks, “Where else can you get a great cup of Cuban coffee?” When Stephanie is not out driving, she enjoys boating, art museum, and sampling ethnic cuisines.

Prior to entering transporting, Stephanie attended IUPUI and majored in graphic design, though by her own admission her true artistic medium is printmaking. One fun fact she shared with us was that she grew up in a town so small it had no traffic lights, only a 4-way stop. She moved to Iowa and when she’d come back to Indiana she would specifically avoid the Chicago area at all costs because she was deathly afraid to drive in major cities. We’re happy to know she has since overcome that fear as she loves driving through any major city.

We’re so glad to have Stephanie on our team – thanks for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!