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Featured Driver – Kim Blocher

As many of you have probably heard, there’s a shortage of truck drivers and many industry professionals say women are the fix. Well lucky for us we recently gained another female driver, but in our manufactured housing division, one that hasn’t seen a female driver for over 2 decades! We are thrilled to welcome Kim Blocher to the Star Fleet family!10407772_10204256307553225_3455951239946102196_n.jpg

Kim has only been with us for 6 months, but she’s been an escort driver for 20 years and has been around trucking her whole life. Her biggest inspiration, her dad, has been a truck driver hauling houses his whole career & her fiance, Adam, instilled in her that she could become a truck driver herself. Combining all of that, here we are today!

Kim calls Indiana home, but loves hauling to Florida because it’s always warm there. We agree – even in the winter when it’s 40 there, it’s a lot warmer than here! While out on the road, the funniest thing she saw was a guy on his cell phone driving on the wrong side of the road like he owned it all. Eeek! We’re glad you were able to avoid an accident with him!

So far Kim is loving everything about this career especially with all the respect she gets from other drivers knowing she’s stepped into an industry where women are few. She’s further respected and floors many other drivers because of her smaller size driving a large truck pulling a lot of weight. For any woman looking to make trucking a career here is her advice, “Women are just as strong as a man. They are mentally and emotionally stronger than men and can be anything they want to be, so why not follow your dreams and try it?”

We couldn’t agree more & we are so glad Kim chose to #DriveForStarFleet.


Featured Driver – Dennis Kline

It’s the most wonderful time of year…but whenever we feature one of our drivers, it’s always a wonderful thing that we love to do. This month we’re featuring Mr. Dennis Kline, one of our oversize drivers from the Middlebury North terminal.

Dennis Kline.jpg

Although he’s been with Star Fleet for a little over 7 years, he’s been transporting mobile homes for over 22 years. Talk about dedication & loyalty! The funniest thing he’s seen out on the road was actually here in the area when he saw a buffalo head in the middle of an intersection near Nappanee on US6. How strange and creepy that must have been!

In all Dennis’s years of transporting, he’s been to every state a few times, but says his favorite is Wyoming. Not only is his beautiful bride from there, he also loves the beautiful country out there. We can’t disagree!

Along with his love of that state, Dennis also loves welding and mechanics which are great skills to have in this industry! He also claims he’s very skilled at not staying out of trouble, but we have yet to see that especially since the office staff says he’s always in a good mood whether he’s having a good or bad day. However he does get picked on a little because if you put his first initial and last name together you get DKline. Poor Dennis!

We wouldn’t pick on him if we didn’t like him & we’re so glad he chose to #DriveforStarFleet!

Featured Driver – Ronnie Rogers

With Thanksgiving coming in the blink of an eye, we’re so thankful for all our contractors who do so much for this company, but for this month we’re featuring Ronnie Rogers out of our Middlebury 151 terminal. Ronnie just celebrated his first year with us about a month and a half ago & we’re thrilled to see him succeed!

Ronnie Rogers.JPG

Ronnie did serve in the military (thank you for your service!) & we’re sure it’s helped lead to the 3 words he describes himself with – reliable, honest, & hardworking. When he’s not working hard he enjoys watching football and UFC and spending time with his grandkids while dreaming of the day he gets to take an Alaska trip, an item he still needs to cross off his bucket list. Perhaps his terminal manager can help with that.

Thank you for everything you do Ronnie & for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!

Featured Driver – Randy Schmucker

The weather may be getting cooler, but things here are just starting to heat up as we head into busy season! For October, we want you all to meet & say hello to Randy Schmucker. Randy is a part of our Middlebury North location hauling houses. He has been with Star Fleet for 1 1/2 years, but has been transporting since 2012.


One of the funniest things he’s seen driving is when another driver was attempting to play a prank on him and then was pulled over by the police because of it. Talk about karma!

Randy is from Warsaw, IN, just a short jump away from Middlebury and what you may be surprised to find out about him is that he is a certified EMT, certified landscaper, brick layer, member of the American Red Cross, and a manager of a shelter through ARC. He also worked at the 2010 winter Olympics; now that’s a jack of all trades!

However when Randy isn’t working hard, he loves to ski in Colorado. It’s his favorite state because, “The mountains are amazing and gives a good view while I ski.”

We’re so glad to have Randy on our team that he chooses to #DriveForStarFleet.

Featured Driver – Dan Lavy

As we fall into another new month (where has this year gone?!), it’s time for another driver to be put in the spotlight. This is Dan Lavy from O’Fallon, MO & he works out of our Muskogee, Oklahoma terminal  providing power only transportation for the cargo trailer industry.

dan lavy.jpg

In Dan’s 5.5 years with Star Fleet & 45 years in transportation, we’re sure he’s seen a lot of funny things out on the highways, but the one that he finds most memorable is a pickup truck that’s customized to drive upside down. How does that work?! And while he claims his only hobby is truck driving, don’t be fooled, he is also a welder and an operating engineer of heavy equipment!

After all these years out on the road and seeing so many different places, Dave is still passionate about driving truck and loves his home state more than any other. We’re glad to have dedicated drivers like Dave on our team & are so glad he chooses to #DriveForStarFleet!

Featured Driver – Robert Bishop

Summer may be coming to an end more quickly than we’d like, but our drivers are still here & staying steady with taking loads. This month we’re featuring a ray of sunshine, Robert Bishop, who is based out of our Twin Falls terminal.

Bishop, Robert (1).JPG

Robert has been with Star Fleet almost 4.5 years, but has been in transportation for 10! When he’s not out hauling RV’s for us he enjoys going camping as well as dirt bike riding.  He also enjoys spending time with his 8 big dogs!

Robert’s favorite state is Idaho, which should come as no surprise since that’s where he’s from, because of the state’s beautiful scenery. We’re so thankful to have Robert on our team and that he chooses to #DriveForStarFleet!

Featured Driver – Daniel Raber

This month we’re recognizing another one of our amazing contractors! Say hello to this firecracker, Daniel Raber! Originally from Angola, Indiana, Daniel is a toter (manufactured housing) driver our of our Middlebury North terminal.


Daniel has been with Star Fleet for 6 years, but has over 34 years in the transportation industry! His favorite states are Arizona and Utah for the scenery (we’ve heard that from a lot of drivers). The funniest thing he’s seen out on the road is when a pickup pulling a boat trailer had the boat come off, but continued to drive with the boat dragging behind the trailer while they passed him. There are no words….

However, transportation isn’t Daniel’s only specialty; he also has skills as a mechanic as well as welding! On top of that he also enjoys woodworking, metal fabrication, and camping. He also loves his family and grandchildren and spending time with them.

We’re so glad to have Daniel on our side. Thanks for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!