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Downtime Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Down

You have to take a break within an 8 hour period. If you want to “reset,” you have to be off duty for 34 consecutive hours. You have to take 10 hours consecutively in order to get a new 14 hour period to drive. You’re only allowed to drive 11 hours.

Needless to say, you might have some down time while you’re out on the road. So what’s there to do? Well here are some of our suggestions we recommend with some from our drivers as well!

  • Exercise – for a profession that sits so many hours a day & makes it tough to stretch every so often, this is a good option. Whether it’s just a walk around the parking lot or some muscle building exercises like lunges or squats, some physical activity is better than none.
    • Bonus: If you’re out and away from the city, find a hiking trail. Many places offer trails that take a few hours, but others that take a lot less. Worst case, however long you have, walk half of it, then turn around and come back!
  • Read – A good alternative to TV and a way to build memory muscle, boost vocabulary, & reduce stress. There’s so many genres, you’ll never be short on things to read.
  • Draw – If art is your thing, this is a great option! It’s increases creativity and memory and reinforces our motor skills. Plus, drawing has no limits so you’ll never be short on things to draw!
  • Learn (language apps, watch videos on hobby) – Continuing education doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can learn or brush up on a language through apps like Duolingo, learn a hobby or a new technique by watching videos online. Learning never stops no matter how old you get!
  • Clean your truck – We always tell you to keep your dash clean, but being in your truck for days and weeks on end, it can really add up. So get rid of any trash, put the stuff you need in a safe place so you know you won’t lose it, use the vacuum at the fuel stations, & take your truck for a wash when it’s really dirty.
  • Nap – Well this one should be obvious. A quick cat nap can do wonders for the next leg of your trip.
  • Puzzles (Sudoku, crossword, word search, brain teaser app) – These can exercise your brain as well & while physical health is imperative, so is your mental health.
  • Unique eats – One great thing about America is there are SO many different types of food & different takes on classics. Try something different when you’ve got the time & take a break from your typical grab-and-go.


So tell us…what do you do in your down time?


Featured Driver – Daniel Raber

This month we’re recognizing another one of our amazing contractors! Say hello to this firecracker, Daniel Raber! Originally from Angola, Indiana, Daniel is a toter (manufactured housing) driver our of our Middlebury North terminal.


Daniel has been with Star Fleet for 6 years, but has over 34 years in the transportation industry! His favorite states are Arizona and Utah for the scenery (we’ve heard that from a lot of drivers). The funniest thing he’s seen out on the road is when a pickup pulling a boat trailer had the boat come off, but continued to drive with the boat dragging behind the trailer while they passed him. There are no words….

However, transportation isn’t Daniel’s only specialty; he also has skills as a mechanic as well as welding! On top of that he also enjoys woodworking, metal fabrication, and camping. He also loves his family and grandchildren and spending time with them.

We’re so glad to have Daniel on our side. Thanks for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!