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Take Your Best Shot – Bikers In Trucking

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers!

Another Take Your Best Shot contest has come and gone, and while we had a tight race to the finish, Jeni Barton has once again emerged as the winner with 132 votes!


Congratulations, Jeni! In light of your two consecutive victories, however, we’re forced to add the following rule to the terms and conditions: if you’ve won the Take Your Best Shot contest once, you are not eligble to win it again. Sorry, Jeni- let’s give the others a chance, shall we?

The next theme for our photo contest will be Bikers in Trucking. We know there are a ton of drivers out there who love their bikes as much as they love their trucks, and we’d like to see pictures of them enjoying the road both behind the wheel and with the wind in their hair! With the Sturgis Bike Rally drawing a whopping 466,000 bikers over the last weekend, we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you made your way to South Dakota to participate, and we’re just as willing to bet that some of you managed to snap a few pictures while you were there!  We’d really love to see them, and as always, if your picture gets the most votes, you’ll win $1000!

To submit your images, click here and follow the instructions. Make sure to keep an eye on the Star Fleet Facebook page and this blog over the coming months for more announcements, interviews with fellow drivers & staff, and articles. Good luck, and safe travels!