Worst Roads in The U.S.

In an article written by Business Insider this last summer (http://www.businessinsider.com/states-worst-roads-2017-6/#2-connecticut-21512-miles-of-public-roads-with-57-in-poor-condition-7),  they told us that America’s roads received a D on our infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers then listed the 8 worst roads in the nation including our capital. They are as follows:

  1. Washington DC – 1,507 miles of public roads, 95% in poor condition
  2. Connecticut – 21,512 miles of public roads, 57% in poor condition
  3. Rhode Island – 16,691 miles of public roads, 54% in poor condition
  4. California – 195,834 miles of public roads, 50% in poor condition
  5. New Jersey – 39,065 miles of public roads, 38% in poor condition
  6. Pennsylvania – 120,091 miles of public roads, 32% in poor condition
  7. Washington – 14,252 miles of public roads, 31% in poor condition
  8. New York – 114,365 miles of public roads, 28% in poor condition


Do you agree? What roads do you think are the worst?


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