Featured Driver – Dennis Kline

It’s the most wonderful time of year…but whenever we feature one of our drivers, it’s always a wonderful thing that we love to do. This month we’re featuring Mr. Dennis Kline, one of our oversize drivers from the Middlebury North terminal.

Dennis Kline.jpg

Although he’s been with Star Fleet for a little over 7 years, he’s been transporting mobile homes for over 22 years. Talk about dedication & loyalty! The funniest thing he’s seen out on the road was actually here in the area when he saw a buffalo head in the middle of an intersection near Nappanee on US6. How strange and creepy that must have been!

In all Dennis’s years of transporting, he’s been to every state a few times, but says his favorite is Wyoming. Not only is his beautiful bride from there, he also loves the beautiful country out there. We can’t disagree!

Along with his love of that state, Dennis also loves welding and mechanics which are great skills to have in this industry! He also claims he’s very skilled at not staying out of trouble, but we have yet to see that especially since the office staff says he’s always in a good mood whether he’s having a good or bad day. However he does get picked on a little because if you put his first initial and last name together you get DKline. Poor Dennis!

We wouldn’t pick on him if we didn’t like him & we’re so glad he chose to #DriveforStarFleet!


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