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Managing Money on the Road

As an owner-operator truck driver, you have more expenses than a company driver, but hauling RV’s for Star Fleet also allows you benefits that they don’t get (run at your pace, travel the roads big trucks can’t, a choice of where to go, etc). Managing your money spend, especially while on the road, is no easy task, but we’re here to help you get the most out of your money! Below are some small, but easy & mighty ways to save some of your hard earned cash.

  1. Pack your own food! Bring a cooler along and load it up with healthy, easy to eat snacks and meals (celery sticks, bananas, nuts, cheese, etc). This can save you BIG money instead of shopping or eating at a gas station/rest stop all the time.
    • Bonus, when you eat healthy, you’re taking care of yourself which means fewer illnesses and health problems later, also saving you money!
  2. Pack your own first-aid kit. It’ll save you from paying exorbitant prices for bandages when you need one most…which hopefully is never.
  3. Take advantage of fuel discounts. We update the prices in our app regularly & you can save anywhere from $.15-$.45 depending on the fuel center & location. Just remember the discount won’t show on your receipt, but it will show in EFS.
  4. Check your tire pressure! This is very simple but can make a huge impact in your fuel economy.
  5. Maintain your vehicle. This is obvious – if you can prevent a problem before it happens, it’s going to be cheaper than fixing it once it’s broken. Much like your own health…see #1.

What other tips do you have for saving money as a driver?