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7 Tips for Healthy (Eating) on the Road

When your home away from home is a truck stop/airport/hotel/semi sleeper, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest to maintain; heck it’s probably not even at the top of your long mental to-do list. But even just a few, small changes to your eating habits can have a profound effect. Below we’ve compiled a list of some easy ways you can improve what & how you eat on the road.


  1. Grocery shop – instead of stopping at a fast food place every time you need to eat, hit up a grocery store to buy a meal & snacks. Not only will they have healthier options, but even if you buy perishables, most hotels have mini fridge to help them keep longer. Plus if you take a cooler along with you that will help keep things cool too.
  2. Portion out snacks – it’s healthier to eat many smaller meals than it is to eat a few large meals. If you portion out your snacks into smaller bags, it’ll be easier to be conscious of how much you’re eating.
  3. Smaller meals – speaking of, in case you missed it above, it’s healthier to eat smaller meals more often. It keeps your metabolism at a steady rate rather than up & down with fewer larger meals.
  4. Eat protein – it helps keep you fuller longer, so if you get a little bit of protein with every meal & snack, you will eat less.
  5. Salads – if a fast food restaurant can’t be avoided, try for a healthier option like a salad. Just be careful as sometimes they can have more calories, especially with your dressing choice.
  6. Drink water – coffee and energy drinks are great, but they can only do so much for so long. Water is not only good for you, it can make you more energized because you’re properly hydrated. If you take a reusable water bottle along with you, it’s easy to fill up at any rest stop & will save you money in the long run!
  7. Supplements – the best way to get your nutrients is through the food you eat. We all know how hard that can be, so taking vitamin and mineral supplements are a great way to add to & enhance the intake of nutrients from your diet.

Do you have any tips to eating healthy on the road?


Featured Driver – Gari Bontrager

As the weather blooms into a typical Indiana spring season with inconsistent weather of rain, snow, & 70 degree weather all in a week, one thing we have at Star Fleet are consistent drivers who stay with us year after year. And so for April, our driver of the month is Gari Bontrager! He’s a local being born and raised in Goshen, IN before moving to Thornton, CO. Gari has been with Star Fleet for 3 years now, but has been in the transportation industry for 30 years total as a dispatcher, driver, dispatch manager, & delivery systems IT manager. He is based out of our Howe terminal.


In his time as a driver the funniest thing Gari has seen on the road is Cadillac Ranch. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a series of Cadillacs buried hood first in the ground. His favorite state is probably Texas with its open roads, gulf coast, diverse landscape, & no state taxes! When Gari isn’t out on the road he enjoys fishing, hunting, boating, camping, and four wheeling. He has also had the opportunity to ride in the pace car at the Talladega Speedway (at speed!) as well as race at Bandimere Raceway in Colorado.

We’re so glad to have Gari in our fleet – thanks for choosing to #DriveForStarFleet!