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Staff of Star Fleet: Tina Miller

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to another member of the Star Fleet family; a veteran in the drivers seat, the office chair, and the frozen North alike, Tina Miller!

Tina began her career in trucking as a pilot car driver for oversized loads; her husband, Al, has been transporting mobile homes as a member of Star Fleet since 1995. After nearly 7 years as a pilot car driver, a desk job in the Star Fleet office opened up, and Tina has been working in this capacity for a total of 7 years.

In 2012, a unique opportunity presented itself to Tina and Al. Star Fleet was considering opening a terminal in North Dakota, and Joel Pladson, Star Fleet’s President, offered Al the opportunity to run it. “Al came home and told me about their conversation,” Tina recalls. “[My first thought] was, ‘No way am I moving to North Dakota!’ I’m one of those people who doesn’t like winter or cold weather. Just not my thing.”

As it turns out, Tina’s resolve in the face of freezing gales and drifting snow would soon be put to the test anyway. “It wasn’t long before we were on our way to North Dakota,” Tina says, adding that the opportunity was too great to pass up. “We opened a terminal in Jamestown, ND and leased on some great drivers to transport mobile homes and modular units.” The terminal enjoyed a great deal of success before closing down in 2014. When asked if it was worth the cold, Tina immediately confirms it was an unforgettable experience. “The hospitality of the people in Jamestown was incredible; we have a lot of friends we met while living there,” she remembers. “From the motorcycle rides to Bingo, the whole experience was amazing. My favorite parts, though, were the sensational sunsets and the Northern Lights.” Tina also mentions the hobby she got “hooked” on when living in the north. “The fishing was new for me, but I loved it. I even purchased my own fishing rod!”

Tina and Al recently moved back to Indiana, and Tina is working in the Star Fleet recruiting office. “I really enjoy everything about this job: the people I work with, the people I talk to every day on the phone, and the drivers we lease on. I feel blessed to be a part of the Star Fleet team!”

Thank you for story, Tina!

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Take Your Best Shot: Spring Has Sprung!

Hey there, Star Fleet Drivers!

We had a pretty small turnout for the most recent theme of “Friends Made On The Road”. I guess the road is a little lonelier than we’d originally thought!  In spite of this, we did have a few entries, and this month’s winner is Lorrie-Ann Lefebvre Lafleur.

This Theme's Winning Shot!

This Theme’s Winning Shot!

Thank you for your submission, Lorrie-Ann! Someone from Star Fleet will be in touch with you about your winnings.

We’re going to switch things up for the next theme- this time around, the Take Your Best Shot contest will last through the month of June, giving everyone a little extra time to find the right picture to submit and get enough votes to jump ahead of the pack.

For this theme, we’re looking for any pictures you have that show spring has sprung! The ice has melted, the snow has washed away, and hints of green are starting to show again, so grab your cameras and start snapping wherever you see the signs of winter disappearing! Remember, if your picture gets the most votes, you get $1000! It’s that easy!

Click HERE to go directly to the contest page and submit your photo today, and make sure to keep an eye on Star Fleet’s Facebook page for safety tips and announcements!