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Women in Trucking: Nancy Eminger

Nancy Eminger and her husband were introduced to the idea of transporting mobile homes by their neighbors in rural Indiana. Nancy’s husband was delivering mobile homes for Star Fleet when she started riding along with him on deliveries. “I was his escort,” she says, “so I came along with the package!” Not long afterward, they were hired onto the Star Fleet delivery team and bought a second truck to double their delivery capability, but taking care of two trucks eventually proved to be too much of a hassle for their taste. After selling one of the trucks, Nancy found herself being offered a part time position with Star Fleet when dropping off some paperwork. Within a couple of months, she was a full-fledged member of the team.

Nancy could spend hours detailing all of the interesting things things that have happened to her while working for Star Fleet. It’s not much of a surprise; Nancy has been a part of the Star Fleet’s growth for over 15 years, a great deal of time to accumulate such stories. “The most challenging thing about being on the road was the traffic,” Nancy recalls. “Being an oversize load, everyone wanted to be in front of you. It was sometimes very concerning seeing the risks people would take to get in front of us.” Now that she’s in the office, though, Nancy faces a different set of problems. “We have little problems on a daily basis with permits, units not being ready, road construction, etc. It takes phone calls to drivers, state traffic offices, and manufacturers to get these things sorted out.”

Raising children when you’re constantly on the road isn’t easy, Nancy says. “Sometimes it was hard to get to every school function, but we always did our best to make it to as many as we could. Now that they are grown up and have kids of their own, we spend as much time as we can with them!” Nancy and her family also enjoy camping on the weekends in the summer, and in her free time, Nancy loves reading books and making Swedish-weave blankets.

Nancy admits that some people might find this strange, but she truly loves her job at Star Fleet. “The men and women that we work with over the years become part of an extended family,” she says. “When you are a truck driver you just put your best foot forward and help out another trucker if they need help…I have the best group of drivers around and love being able to to help them build their business in trucking.”


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Women In Trucking: Cherie Carmack

Cherie Carmack started her career at Star Fleet Trucking at a time when the company had a great deal of growth ahead, though she’d already been working in the trucking industry for an impressive 17 years! “Star Fleet was just a transporter of mobile homes at that time,” she says. “A former boss of mine was working for Star Fleet and approached me about taking care of the legalization for the toters.” Cherie maintains that accepting the job was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Cherie has been a part of the Star Fleet family for 15 years,  and views herself as being in a support role to the owner operators who make deliveries, helping them to stay coordinated and legal. “One of the biggest challenges in my job is when I need to provide the drivers assistance when police officers wrongly write them up for violations,” she says. “Getting those violations or fines removed is very rewarding.” Clearly, Cherie is a good friend to have for the drivers of the Star Fleet force!

Working with Star Fleet has been very rewarding for Cherie; when she started, there were only 300 mobile home drivers employed with the company. She remembers when Joel Pladson, Star Fleet CEO, mentioned he was thinking of adding a division focused solely on recreational vehicles. “He said there were some carriers that had over 1000 trucks just transporting RVs. I had no idea! And now,” she says, “it is our biggest division.” Cherie goes on to say that the loyalty of the Star Fleet owner-operators are the core of the company. “I believe we will continue to grow because of that strength.”

When not on the job, Cherie and her husband Michael enjoy watching college football, especially the Oklahoma Sooners (to whom they’ve held season tickets for many years), and NASCAR races. This year, Cherie was invited to represent Star Fleet Trucking at the Daytona 500 along with fellow employees Nancy and Bill Eminger, Tim and Marci Vitali and Walt Blocher. “There have been many moments at Star Fleet,” Cherie says, “but that one ranks way up there.”



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Women in Trucking Featurette: Jeni Barton

Hello, Star Fleet drivers!

This month, we’re continuing to honor the women of the trucking industry. We’re kicking things off with the last winner of the Take Your Best Shot photo contest: Jeni Barton.


Jeni Barton wins the first Take Your Best Shot Contest

Jeni Barton w/ CEO Joel Pladson, husband Jerry, and Terminal Manager Stephanie Warden

Jeni’s first experience with the trucking industry occurred about 10 years ago. “My dad used to haul RV’s, and my husband and I always thought it would be fun to do someday, not to mention a nice way to earn extra money!” After Jeni’s husband, Jerry, retired from his service in the U.S. Army, they decided to do just that. After buying themselves a truck, they began their hunt for a company that would let them ride the open road but still meet their needs as employees. In January of 2013, Jeni and Jerry found Star Fleet Trucking, and it wasn’t long after that that Jeni was hauling her first delivery to West Virginia. In Jeni’s own words, “I’ve been loving it ever since!”

Jeni cites the three greatest challenges of the job to be “construction, construction, and construction- in that order.” Obviously, the enormous amount of road repair the Midwest suffers from in the summer can get on the most seasoned driver’s nerves, Jeni says, since you have to be incredibly careful you don’t damage your truck or the RV you’re hauling. “So I just go with the flow,” she says, “and dodge the holes.”

Jeni wouldn’t be in the business if it was all bad, though. She loves how flexible the scheduling is and how little it impacts her life at home. “If you have a family reunion, a wedding, or whatever the case may be, you can work your schedule to fit around it.” The freedom to dictate her own schedule is the biggest reason she loves the job so much.

When she’s not driving, Jeni loves to camp, and just recently tried her hand at snowboarding, which she and Jerry have quickly grown fond of. She also enjoys Duck Dynasty, a interest she and her husband share with one of the most interesting people they’ve ever met on the road. “We’d just finished a delivery to Monroe, Louisiana and stopped in Kentucky to rest. We were at the stop when another man noticed my husband’s shirt (a Harley Davidson shirt we’d picked up in Monroe) and got really excited! This man was a retired police officer who’d had a stroke, so he had a hard time speaking, but we talked with him for nearly an hour. He was on his way to Monroe himself as he’d bought a house a block or two from the Duck Dynasty store, and he told us when he got settled, he was going to try to get a job working there since he loved it so much!” Jenni recalls the memory very fondly, saying, “I can’t express what a joy it was to have met this man. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think of him. We are hoping to get back down there sometime and see if we can find him!”

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