Benefits of being an RV Transporter

Lately we’ve been asked quite often what the benefit of being an owner-operator RV transporter and working for Star Fleet Trucking is. While our contractors come from a variety of backgrounds – construction, military, finance, government, medical, retail, etc. – they all came to us & stayed for much the same reasons.

  • It’s less physically demanding.
  • They promptly get back to you when you have questions and are willing to help.
  • There’s less stress and I run on my own schedule.
  • They value safety and never force me to take a load.
  • So impressed with their professionalism. They are also personable.
  • Quick pay!
  • I love that I get to travel and see places I never would have otherwise.
  • They are friendly and always go the extra mile to be helpful.
  • The refresher course!
  • Drive For Gold is a top notch program.
  • Their attention to training and safety are unsurpassed.

If you know someone interested in this line of work, let them know the benefits straight from the source…our contractors!


One response to “Benefits of being an RV Transporter”

  1. Kimberly Bowman says :

    Me and my husband have done over the road hauling van freight and houses and flatbed and this is so stress free compared to the rest we’ve done ..just do but logs and make sure ur unit and truck look good and u get 100.00 for a clean DOT inspection we’ve had 2 a piece …love this job

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