Fun Facts for Each US State

In this country there are 50 fantastic states, but how much do you really know about them? Read on & you’ll find a fun fact for each state the next time you visit!

Alabama – Magnolia Springs is the only city in the US to have mail delivered by boat.

Alaska – Experience around 5,000 earthquakes per year.

Arizona – Can experience the nation’s highest & lowest temps in the same day.

Arkansas – The Ouachita Mountains ridges run east/west rather than north/south.

California – Has a higher population as a state than the entire country of Canada.

Colorado – Home to the longest continuous street, Colfax Ave. It’s in Denver & is 26 miles long.

Connecticut – One of 2 states that failed to ratify the 18th Amendment (manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol).

Delaware – The only state to have no commercial flights in or out of the state.

Florida – Has the lowest high point of all the states. Britton Hill is just 312 feet.

Georgia – Peachtree has 90 miles of roads dedicated to just golf carts.

Hawaii – Had their own currency issued during WWII & was their only legal tender.

Idaho – The only state seal designed by a woman.

Illinois – Chicago is the third largest city in the country.

Indiana – The Indy 500 Speedway has the highest spectator capacity than any sports arena in the world.

Iowa – Fort Atkinson is the only fort build by the US to protect one Indian tribe from another.

Kansas – Leads the country in wheat production…is there really any surprise?

Kentucky – Fort Knox has the world’s largest gold reserve.

Louisiana – The longest bridge in the states is Lake Pontchartrain Causeway at 24 miles.

Maine – One of the first places you can see the sun rise in the US is in Acadia National Park.

Maryland – Part of the panhandle squeezes down to just 1.8 miles.


Michigan – Highway 185 is the only official US highway that does not allow cars.

Minnesota – In 1952 the first open heart surgery was successful.

Mississippi – Blues music formed here just after the Civil War.

Missouri – The tallest manmade monument is the St. Louis arch.

Montana – Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, 28 miles long & almost 200 square miles.

Nebraska – The only state with both east and west borders that are water.

Nevada – Close to 85% of all land in the state is owned by the government.

New Hampshire – The American dollar was designated the standard in 1944.

New Jersey – Has the longest red light which is in West Milford having you wait 5 min.

New Mexico – First atomic bomb was tested in central NM.

New York – Adirondack Park is bigger than Yellostone, Glacier, Everglades, & Grand Canyon National Parks combined.

North Carolina – Housed around 10,000 enemy soldiers in 18 POW camps during WWII.

North Dakota – Houses the geographical center of North America.

Ohio – Home to the shortest street, McKinley Street. It’s in Bellefontaine & is only 28 feet long.

Oklahoma – The state vegetable is watermelon…yea we don’t get it either.

Oregon – Leader in Christmas tree production as well as producing 99% of the nation’s hazelnuts.

Pennsylvania – Centralia’s ground has been on fire over 50 years from a coal mine fire & is expected to burn another 200 years!

Rhode Island – The first state to pass a gradual emancipation act.

South Carolina – Played host to the first Civil War battle.

South Dakota – Agriculture is the top industry with 98% of the state’s farms being family owned & operated.

Tennessee – Has the most visited national park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Texas – Its northern most point is closer to Michigan than it is to its southern most point.

Utah – I70 contains 106 miles of interstate with no fuel stations, the longest in the country.

Vermont – One of the first ski lifts was developed in 1934.

Virginia – The infamous speech that included, “Give me liberty or give me death” was given in Richmond.

Washington – Largest producer of apples, pears, & sweet cherries in the US.

West Virginia – Where the Grimes golden apple & the Golden Delicious apple originated.

Wisconsin – The republican party was established in 1854.

Wyoming – The least populated state in America.


What fun state facts do you know?


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