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This month’s Take Your Best Shot theme!

Hi there, Star Fleet drivers!

Last month, we started up the Take Your Best Shot contest, and after a little trial and error, we ended up receiving a great deal of submissions! It was great to see so many drivers get in to the spirit of friendly competition and share their views of the world with us. Pat yourselves on the back, everyone!

Of course, in a competition, there can only be one winner, and this month the winner is Jeni Barton for submitting this photo and getting the contest high of 86 votes!:




Congratulations, Jeni; someone from Star Fleet will be contacting you soon to discuss your prize!

With May over and done, it’s time to announce the new contest theme for the month of June!  This month’s theme: Women in Trucking!

Are you a woman who drives a truck or know a woman who drives a truck? If so, now’s the time to start combing through your old photo albums or browsing the image galleries on your phones! We’re looking for any images of women behind the wheel, in front of their rig, or doing anything else that shows their pride as a Star Fleet truck driver, so if you’ve got them, submit them to our contest on Facebook (which you can find HERE) for the chance to win $1000!

When you make your submissions, please keep the following things in mind:

– One image per driver per month can be submitted

– Pictures MUST be taken by the contestant; anything found to be plagiarized will be removed

– Only registered Star Fleet drivers can submit images

If you’re interested in becoming a registered Star Fleet driver, click HERE!

For more information about women in trucking, check out the Women in Trucking Association, an organization of women drivers from many different regions and backgrounds who campaign for the advancement of women in the transportation industry!

ONE LAST THING! If you have a story of a woman in the trucking industry that’s too good to keep to yourself (and is appropriate enough to be published on this blog), leave a comment to this post for the chance to be the focus of a feature article in the near future!

Safe driving, everyone!