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Drivers of Star Fleet: Bonnie Rowdabaugh

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers! Today, we’ve got another valued member of the Star Fleet team here to tell her story- one of the first owner operators Star Fleet has had the privilege of working with, Bonnie Rowdabaugh!

Bonnie got her start in the trucking industry back in 1978. “I was introduced to the trucking business… when a friend taught me how to drive ‘a big truck,’ as they liked to call it. It was (and still is) a good career since I love to travel.”

Bonnie continued to hone her skills as a driver into the late 1980’s, when freight rates were officially deregulated. When the rates started to drop in a big way, Bonnie says, the job became “a burden,” and this led her to exploring new opportunities. “I then became acquainted with some mobile home transporters at our truck service garage in Middlebury, IN. It was from their influence that I became a ‘toter’ driver delivering park models,” Bonnie says. Not long afterwards, the company Bonnie was working for closed, and Bonnie joined on with then-brand new Star Fleet Trucking, where she continues to work as an owner-operator to this day.

The over-the-road job has taken Bonnie to a multitude of new landscapes, to places she “would likely never have vacationed, and places [she] wants to return to at [her] leisure.” Bonnie also makes sure to mention that her job with Star Fleet has helped her get more acquainted with many new friends.

When asked what she likes most about being a driver, Bonnie says, “I am thankful for the challenges, opportunities, experiences, lessons, and of course memories that I’ve acquired working for Star Fleet.” She also notes that she gets asked another question quite often: why does she still do this job? “I’ve been asked [that] many times, since I am past retirement age. My answer is always the same: it satisfies my urge to wander (and I get paid to do it!).”

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