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Take Your Best Shot Winner & New Theme!

Hey there, Star Fleet drivers!

We had an outstanding turnout for this edition of the Take Your Best Shot contest: 16 drivers submitted photos, and several entries achieved well over 100 votes! As always, there can be only one winner, and this time, Shawn Wakeman managed to secure the win and the $1000 prize!

Shawn Wakeman's Winning Entry

Shawn Wakeman’s Winning Entry

Congratulations, Shawn! The Star Fleet home office will be in touch with you regarding your prize.

With the holiday season in full swing, Star Fleet Trucking is encouraging all of our drivers to upload their favorite shots of themselves and their families celebrating the holidays their way! This contest will run through the end of January, so if you don’t think you have the winning shot yet, there’s plenty of time to take one!

Click HERE to go to the competition page where you can read the terms and conditions, or skip the middle man and click HERE to go directly to the submissions page!

Happy holidays, Star Fleet drivers. Remember to stay prepared, stay safe and stay in touch!


Welcome to the Starfleet Trucking Blog!

Welcome to the Starfleet Trucking blog, your official source for all news, stories, and contests for Starfleet Trucking!

To kick things off, we’re starting the “Take your Best Shot” photo contest.

Take Your Best Shot!

Here’s how it works: we’re looking for pictures you’ve taken while on the road or at a stop that match the monthly theme we’ll announce both on the blog and on our Facebook page. You’ll submit the pictures to us, and they will be posted to an online competition hosted through Facebook. Whoever gets the most votes for their submission will win $1000!  This month, we’re looking for the best picture you took during this past winter!

It’s no secret that this winter was one of the most miserable and difficult in recent memory, with only a handful of winters since the late 70’s having more consecutive snowfall, colder temperatures, and overall difficult traveling conditions than this year. Can anyone remember going so long without seeing a blade of grass?! But whether the roads are clear and the sun is shining or you’re driving over a ice-crusted roads under slate grey clouds, we adjust and adapt (as safely as possible, of course).

This month, we’d like to see a picture you’ve taken that best illustrates this past winter, for better or worse! Snow drifts as tall as your truck, an field covered in freshly fallen unmarked snow, anything that gives us an idea of what this winter meant to you!

Whatever it is, we’d love to see it, and if your picture gets the most votes through the competition you can find on our Facebook page, you’ll win $1000, so don’t wait! Send in your images today by going to the competition on Facebook, and make sure to subscribe to the Starfleet blog for more updates and contest announcements!